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Reach 10 New Clients A Day...Don't Keep Your Business A Secret!

Reach Out To 10 new Potential Buyers Every day!

It might seem like pretty basic knowledge that if nobody knows about your business, they can't buy from you. Well, every performer and act is a business and you need to ask yourself, If someone needs to find me, will they even know I exist? We see that as the major reason why any of our great GigRoster™ artists may not do as well in booking events shows and performances as they'd like. Referral business is the best, but nobody refers you if they have never heard of you. Most performers are simply not getting the word out to enough clients and the most basic way is a simple personal phone call or email to someone who is a potential or presumed buyer of talent.

What does this involve? Simply making a commitment to take pride in your business and letting 10 new people each and every what you do so they can understand all the things you can offer when they are ready to book entertainment. This does not mean bulk emailing or sending a postcard, or even 100 postcards. That has become increasingly ineffective. So much so that you should feel good if 15% of the recipients open your bulk email, and very few will every take action. No, we are talking about personal contact. person to person, one by one.

In order to count it needs to be a two way street. It does not have to be, and will rarely be a booking on such a contact. It must, however be a contact which involved two way communication. Acknowledgement that they understand what you do and that they can reach out to you any time they have the need. In other words, if you send an e mail and get no answer, it does not count. If you make a phone call and leave a message but never get a call back, it does not count. If you email someone and they say "Thanks, but I am not looking for anything",Thank them for getting back to you, and yes, that counts even if it is a No for now.

It is, in its basic form 10 - 2 way encounters with people who could potentially use you either now or in the future. No, It really does not take long. Often, like browsing the internet it leads you down new paths and opens new ideas as you reach out and spread the good news about your business.

The Goal:

10 personal contacts per day, 5 days per week

The Result:

50 contacts per week, 50 weeks a year (OK, yes there are 52 weeks per year, take a few weeks off!). That's 2500 new contacts each year who can potentially hire you directly OR refer you to others.

It's not magic. It's just math, and in sales of your unique product, it works!

Reach 10 New Clients A Day...Don't Keep Your Business A Secret!
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