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Why Do You Need A Listing On GigRoster?

Professional Entertainment’s GigRoster.com is a national talent buying agency. Presenting premium talent options to our clients across the USA through our network of local talent buying agents is something we have been doing for over 30 years and one that is growing in popularity fast as we add tools and marketing options through our local offices and online interface.

So why does GigRoster require that any group, performer or act is listed with us if they would like to be booked by our talent agents?

Think of it this way. Like any big company we need the services we hire with our company to be registered vendors. It is pretty simple. By being registered, it addresses both the continuity of the acts we make available to our clients as well as the legality that lets us promote you in various ways and pay you for your professional services when you are booked.

Clients Need To Be Able To Review Your Act Presented In A Clear, Consistent Format
You always have complete control over what your content is, how you present pictures, videos, descriptions and more as long as it is within the Terms Of Service, so our clients have a complete organized picture of what you do. As talent buyers it really does not work to send information piecemeal to a client who is making a buying decision. It is difficult for our clients if we send a hodge podge of links and attachments such as a youtube video, song list, a few mp3 files, a document, a picture attachment or any number of other formats or promotional tools. Having them in an organized format makes it much easier for the client to get the full picture of what you do. There is no cost for you to create your profile page and you can update it and enhance it at any time, as often as you’d like.

Talent Buyers Can Find You When It’s Time
Our talent buyers are based in cities across the USA and Canada. We need to have complete information available to every buyer so it is easily accessible when they have a client looking for what you do. Sure it would be easy to just email some promo to the corporate office, but can you imagine how effective that will be if we were to in turn send that out to all the talent buying agents across the USA? There would be no way they can assimilate and organize it and more importantly, they would never find it or remember it without a system to find what they need, when they need it.

Why Do We Literally Require A Listing?
In order to book you as an independent contractor we need your act to be listed as a vendor with the consent to the Terms Of Service that you agree to when you create a listing page. When you create a listing you agree that we can provide your promo material to potential clients either directly or through various types of marketing. You also warrant that you have the right to use and disseminate that media and promotional material.

Our talent buyers need current, accurate contact information that allows us to reach out to you for purposes of booking, contracting and getting you paid. Your contact information is not available publicly but is only for internal use. In fact we will not give your contact to anyone even if they contact us and request it. Your contact information does not appear on your public profile listing page except to note the city & state where you are based.

In regard to promo, we simply cannot send links to promo that is outside our system or even allow links from your profile listing to include outside links. That is for reasons of both continuity and user experience. Our commitment to our clients is to provide an easy to use platform with good information. It is a pretty poor user experience to click on a link for a YouTube video or an mp3 only to find that it has been taken down or is a dead link. Additionally, GigRoster is formatted to work with all types of devices from desktop and laptop to pads and mobile devices so all forms of media will play easily on any device.

What We Don’t Need Or Ask For
We don’t need is any form of payment. Being listed with GigRoster.com is free.
We don’t need an exclusive right to book you. You are free to pursue any clients you want. We are a talent buyer, not your manager.
Your information stays secure. It is not sold or disseminated in any way except in marketing in a general way and providing your listing to qualified clients who may be interested in hiring you through GigRoster.

Go Ahead. There Is Nothing To Lose!
Since there is no fee to you for being involved, there is really no reason not to list yourself with GigRoster unless you are not interested in working through our platform and network to get more gigs!

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Why Do You Need A Listing On GigRoster?
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