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GigRoster™ Launches Referral Partner Network: Earn Extra by Connecting Clients with Premier Entertainment

In an exciting new opportunity for musicians and event planners, the GigRoster™ Referral Partner Network has launched, offering a simple way to earn additional income by connecting clients with premium entertainment options. This innovative program rewards participants with a 5% referral fee for each successful booking made through their recommendation.

It works for Musicians and Performers, whose band or act might be unavailable, or the requested style of talent doesn't match their offerings. Instead of missing out on these opportunities, the GigRoster™ Referral Partner Network allows them to refer clients to GigRoster™ for a suitable match. When the referral leads to a booking, you earn a 5% referral fee – it's that straightforward.

For Event Planners, it is simply an enhancement of their service offerings which is always a priority. By referring clients to GigRoster™ through their unique link, they ensure clients have access to a wide range of curated entertainment options that match their tastes and budgets. At the same time, the event planner can earn a 5% referral fee for each successful booking, adding to their revenue stream while helping their clients secure top-tier entertainment.

The program is open to event and hospitality professionals, including performers, event and wedding planners, caterers, venues, and other related services.

How It Works: Program memebres refer clients with whom they have personal contact for specific events or performances.
Referral Fee: 5% of the total amount paid to the booked entertainer is paid to the members as a finders fee.
It is important to know, only the initial referrer for a specific event will receive the referral fee. If the client was previously referred or contacted GigRoster™ independently, the referrer will be ineligible for the fee.

The program is designed as a personal network. Referrers must have direct interaction with the client they are referring. Referrers, must ensure the client is aware and consents to being referred to GigRoster™. Clients must be aware that they will be contacted by GigRoster™, referencing their referral. In this way it is really a very person to person process that helps the client find talewnt resources for what they will need for their event.

The GigRoster™ Referral Partner Network is a win-win for everyone involved. Clients gain access to excellent entertainment options, and you benefit financially for your referrals. There’s no cost to join, so take a few minutes to sign up and start turning your connections into rewarding opportunities.

For more information visit GigRoster.com or to join the program by filling out a quick application and start earning today!

GigRoster™ Launches Referral Partner Network: Earn Extra by Connecting Clients with Premier Entertainment
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