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Performers & Band Leaders, Get Paid Doing What You Already Do!

Performers, Entertainers, DJ’s, Event Planners… Why Let Business Walk Out The Door? You can join as a licensed GigRoster™ Talent Coordinator and make commissions on booking talent with no starting fee and no monthly membership. It costs nothing to get started so, if you are qualified and have the experience you may want to join our team of entertainment professionals who are making income. Build your business at your own pace, full or part-time.

If you are currently a performer, musician or entertainer, this opportunity will be an excellent way for you to simply take what you are already doing well and expand it into a successful business and add a new stream of income.

How many times do you turn away business because your act may not be exactly what the customer is looking for? Maybe you are already booked for a date the customer would like to hire you and you can't be in two places at once. A perfectly good booking opportunity goes marching right out the door, even though you have done everything to gain the business. Why not capitalize on what you are already doing well? You can provide an excpetional service for your customer, even if your particular act is either unavailable or not the right fit for that particular gig.

When the customer asks if you are available to provide the kind of performance they are looking for, wouldn’t you ALWAYS like to be able to say yes? …And then get paid for it!

As you explore the resources GigRoster™ makes available to you as a Talent Coordinator, think about some of the ways you can build your own business based on your skills, experience and interests. We think you will find some exciting opportunities in this rewarding career. As a GigRoster™ Talent Coordinator you will have new challenges every day and the thrill of knowing that, instead of waiting for someone else to call the shots, you are in charge of your future as you help customers find and book the right talent for their event or business.

GigRoster™ offers an excellent opportunity for professional entertainers to build a career as you guide customers in making their entertainment choices. Our people are the heart of our success and this may be a great way for you to be involved in the planning side of all sorts of exciting bookings. If you are an experienced entertainer and you love working with people you’ll want to explore how easy it is to get started coordinating talent as a Professional Entertainment Consultant.

Is this for everyone? Of course not. We are selective in who we work with because we will be dedicating time and resources to your business. The people who are most successful at this are typically professional performers who do their own booking or booking for one or more acts they perform with. These individuals have the experience of the whole process from initial contact to providing promo, to contracting the engagement. Of course with the GigRoster™ system you have great tools, but nothing can replace the experience and skill of person to person contact and rapport. Another type of person who is usually successful is a professional event planner who will have the option of partnering to booking great talent for their customers for events they are managing or, of course, booking talent for any event or venue at all. If you fit one of these two categories, this may be the right move for you.

As an owner associate, will be able to hit the ground running. Why is that? Because we’ve done all the groundwork for you. You won’t be left feeling like you are lost in the dark. We’ve already lit the path for you by providing you with a totally interactive web site with an extensive, always growing roster of entertainers, as well as back end resources and tools to help you manage your customers and your business.

Some of the tools at your disposal include:

  • Your own web page to help guide your customers in choosing entertainment, powered by The GigRoster™ Interface
  • A robust back office system of building your customer list, tracking, following up, communicating and booking built with the HupSpot System and the proprietary GigRoster™ integration
  • A dedication 800 number with your own extension so you can choose your own business hours and keep business organized, make and receive calls, send and receive text messages and more with the GigRoster™ & Ring Central, at no cost to you.
  • The GigRoster™ Team site. An internal training web site that teaches you everything from A-Z from how to work with all of your resources, to how to build your business and creat a strong income over time.
  • The enhanced Google for work Google Workspace on your business, including a suite of paid productivity tools and apps at no cost to you. From improved productivity to revenue growth, Google Workspace drives business results.
  • Your dedicated GigRoster™ email account, fully integrated with all of the above GigRoster™ tools. You'll always know when customers are engaging with you whether by phone, email or text.
  • All contracts and payments are processed through the office to make your booking and event tracking easy.
  • Access to over 6000 registered performing acts who want to work
  • Easy referral interface to allow new acts that you'd like to work with to register in the system for free.
  • Plus much more. With our years of experience and suite of cutting edge tools, you are ready!

What's the easiest way to start, once you've been accepted as a new GigRoster™ Talent Coordinator? One step at a time. You will not pursue every area at the beginning. Each associate builds his or her business in a different way. We encourage you to:
1. Focus on your strengths
2. Build your business step by step focusing on creating repeat customers
3. As you start be sure to make full use of the GigRoster™ staff to assist you, answer questions and provide the resources you need

Are You Ready?

Your Opportunity Starts Now!

For more information or to get started Visit The GigRoster™ Career Page where you can tell us a little bit about your background and experience and apply to join the team!

Performers & Band Leaders, Get Paid Doing What You Already Do!
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